Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And Since I'm Making Predictions

Kos via the DSCC posts a host of quotes from Republican Senators in 1999 expressing their strong moral convictions that perjury is injurious to the American body politic.

All of us wonder into what contortions the Repigs will bend to defend the harmlessness of perjury when Repigs are caught as opposed to the moral chaos loosed upon the world (and upon our impressionable children) when Democrats lie under oath.

Repigs have claimed that when Clinton lied about Hummergate he wagged the dog by leading a large coalition of countries into the southern Balkans to stop a genocide (and did so without the loss of a single American soldier's life). Clinton, by the way, made no mention of WMD in Kosovo nor claimed that Kosovo threatened the security of the US. He was clear that the mission was based solely on humanitarian concerns.

This is distinct from Plamegate in that the perjury in Plamegate was committed in order to wag a dog, to protect the march to a war with a very small coalition of mostly minor countries that has led to the death of soon to be 2000 American soldiers. Bushco sold the war on the grounds that Iraq possessed WMD that it didn't have, represented a threat to the US which it clearly couldn't be, claimed Iraq was complicit in 911 when it clearly, definitively was not, and only turned to humanitarian rationales for the war when Bushco's lies about WMD, Iraqi military threats to US, and Iraqi connections to 911 were proved to be (to put it charitably) in error.

(And why hasn't someone - including me - made the point that Bushco's sudden concern for Iraqi citizens writhing in torture under the Saddam regime in the aftermath of all Bushco's other rationales for the war being proved wrong rings EXACTLY like Bushco's sudden concern for the poor in THIS country after the debacle of Bush poll numbers in the aftermath of Katrina?)

So, lying about blowjobs bad because the lie was about nothing but sex, and said sex led to a successful humanitarian military mission that bolstered American prestige in the world. Lying to protect national security, well, that's good, even if the lying was designed to protect the carefully planned campaign of further lying.

So here comes the talking point: Democrats lie about little things, which is morally reprehensible. Republicans ONLY lie if it's a matter of national security, in which case it's not only forgivable, it's honorable! Republicans: We Lie to Keep You Safe from Terrorists! Watch.


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This is big news, thanks for addressing it. When will Bush learn? I just finished a post on this topic too: http://twerpette.blogspot.com/2005/10/news-us-troop-deaths-in-iraq-reach.html

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