Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gutless Cowards

Durbin crys, apologizes.

Let's count the number of Durbin's Senate Democrat colleagues that have stepped forward to defend Durbin's statement - and to correct the deliberate distortion of Durbin's statement by the troglodyte-Right sound machine - and Durbin's right to make the statement.

Compare that zero with the multitude who attacked THEIR OWN FREAKING PARTY'S CHAIRMAN for saying that the white Christian majority Republican party is white and Christian.

You know, I get effing weary keeping angry at the daily Bushco litany of lies, distortions, and general crimes of Bushco. I'm becoming ever more convinced that one of Buchco's primary tactics is attrition - nobody, they figure, can keep up the outrage forever; eventually, they think, they'll have a country of numb and dumb.

But what pisses me off to another level is when Democrats cave to the Repignican sound machine. Let me tell you what the Right will take from this toilet-training of Durbin: Democrats will not defend their own no matter how correct that defense is. Turn up the noise, Democrats run. Dean, Durbin, caught in the Repignican shitstorm, are abandoned by their own.

Here's the lasting image in American consciousness: Durbin called our troops Nazis and then cried. Thanks, Democrats. Pussies.


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