Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oh Hell, We'll Catch Him in 2004!

New book by CIA agent says bin Laden was in Tora Bora and could have been captured if Rumsfeld had authorized the necessary force.

First thought - Gary Berntsen, get ready for Smearathon Megasupreme: hope your wife isn't a CIA agent, you disgruntled, passed by for promotion, embittered closeted gay, you.

This is illustrative of the wicked - yes, wicked - combination of hubris and incompetence that is this administration's hallmark. I have little doubt that Bushco, looking at the calendar, just months after 911 (remember President tWerp in the rubble with his bullhorn?), decided that there was a much better time to capture bin Laden, say September 2004? (And remember the pressure placed on the Pakistanis to produce heads back in the pre-election summer?)

Bigdickedness plus fvckwittedness: that's our President.


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