Tuesday, December 20, 2005

For Your Consideration

The new talking point for the King's lieges is that since the US has not been attacked since 911, that makes authoritarianism not only A-OK, not being authoritarian would be irresponsible, and those of you who don't appreciate their selfless authoritarianism are the moral equivalent of the terrorists (and need to be observed).
Digressive Question: what has Bushco touched - anything, anything at all - that it hasn't screwed up? What would make anyone think that the efforts of Bushco clowns are the reason Al-Qaeda has not struck again since 911? Bushco? Competent? Please.
Does anyone else notice that the cities most likely to be targeted by a terrorist attack (New York, DC, Chicago, LA) are full of Liberals outraged by Bushco's illegalities and attacks on our privacy and civil rights, and that the President's staunchest defenders tend to live out in the middle of nowhere a terrorist would bother blowing up?

I live two miles from NIH, two miles from Bethesda Naval Hospital, three miles outside of DC and work in Georgetown, and spend free time often in the proximity of the National Mall. I'll take my chances with the terrorists, thank you, just give me back my country.

So here's my plan: go spy on, er, protect the militias in Montana and the violent anti-abortion protesters in Kansas and the KKK in East Texas and the gaybashers in Wyoming. Save them from the terrorists planning on nuking Helena and dirtybombing Topeka and car-bombing Galveston and gassing Laramie. I mean, we're ungrateful terrorists ourselves. We don't understand the sacrifices you endure to promote totalitarianism. So don't put yourself out, waste money surveilling, er, protecting us. Just point that fucking camera somewhere else.


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