Monday, December 05, 2005


More of my favorites from this year.

Animal Collective (hear "Grass" here) (hear "Prospect Hummer" here) is often compared to the Fiery Furnaces. Both are from Brooklyn, and while the FFs are brother and sister, AC is a combine of lifelong friends. Both groups are deemed "experimental," a term which is leaving me more and more dissatisfied.

I don't dislike the Fiery Furnaces (I want to clarify). I do like Animal Collective's music more. It seems strange to say this about a band wearing dog and cat masks for a publicity shoot, but their music seems much less postured than FF's to me. I realize whimsy may be as off-putting to some as earnestness is to others, but I like it.

The Posies reunited. I think it would be impossible for them to ever make another album as brilliant as *Frosting on the Beater," one of the great albums ever, and *Every Kind of Light* isn't great, but it's pretty damn good.

The Pernice Brothers "There Goes the Sun" can be heard here.

If I can find any downloads for the New Order, Royksopp, and Rachid Taha albums I'll post them.


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