Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TWP 9 is about Comfort

There are times, not necessarily nasty, not necessarily troublesome, not necessarily anything but necessary, when comfort music is necessary, and you turn to the music that even though you know it by heart you listen to because you know it by heart, and what's funny, what's wonderful, is that, in those moments, you rediscover that you can discover that you can know something by heart even more by heart.

Otis Taylor: I normally am not that bluesy, but this one, goodness. He calls his music "trance blues," and it ain't no "I woke up this morning" kind of blues.

XTC: I had tickets to see them in DC in 1982. Three days before the show, Andy Partridge gave up fighting his stage fright, cancelled the rest of that tour, and they haven't performed live since. "Stupidly Happy," off *Wasp Star,* I wish could be my theme song.

Magnetic Fields: saw them last year on the *i* tour at The Birchmere in Alexandria VA, and the inside jokes must have been hilarious because Stephin and Claudia were breaking each other up all evening.

Roxy Music: all the variations, up through and including *Avalon,* yes. One of the best shows I ever saw was Roxy at the Baltimore Arena. Goodness, those nights when all the members are on their game.

Replacements: Westerberg is still putting out good music - last year's *Folker* was one of last year's best. There are some mp3s from last year's tour here. Included is "I Will Dare," the first song on *Let it Be.*

Holly Golightly: Because.


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