Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How Stupid Is the Media? Oh.
How Stupid Does the Media Think You Are? Oh

Bush Spokesman Quits and Rove Loses a Post screams the banner on the NYT (as of 5:00pm EDT 4/19/06), with the subhead The Overhaul of the White House Staff Continues...

Rove Gives Up Policy Post; McClellan Resigns yells the WP (same time), with the subhead White House Staff Shake-up Continues, with the first paragraph of the article saying:
Karl Rove, the president's most influential adviser and a dominant force in the Bush administration since its beginning, surrendered key policy responsibilities today while press secretary Scott McClellan announced his resignation.
A second story on the front of WP webpage says Much More Shaking Up to Come, subheaded Nobody's Safe at the White House These Days.

Rove went to The Decider! and said, Here, let's tell the media I'm taking a"hit," and since I'm a lightning rod the media will all lather themselves as if this is a big deal. McClellan's professional lying skills were deemed inadequate, and his "resigning" signals the White House's belief that if only they had a better liar, all will be well.

Changing personnel, even beyond the transparent schlock like this, won't mean a thing if policy doesn't change. The White House believes that the problem is not policy, it's the message. Think about this: after five years of coordinated, sustained, and relentless misinformation, bad faith, and outright lies, finding The Decider!s poll numbers at historical lows, the White House has determined that the lows are caused by not enough and not good enough coordinated, sustained, and relentless misinformation, bad faith, and outright lies.

At least they've got the media hyperventilating over the changes. Stooges.


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