Friday, July 14, 2006


I realize I'm feeding not only the Pillsbury Doughboy of Trolls but a Pillsbury Doughboy of Troll whose singular credential to authority is a genetic connection to the Phyllis Diller of conservative early-trolls, but Jonah Goldberg says, on the op-ed page of the "Liberal" LA Times:
For good or ill, there are no grand "big ideas" behind the anti-Lieberman cause. It's driven by a riot of passions, chiefly against President Bush and "his" war. Any ideas are mere afterthoughts and rationalizations used to gussy up animus as principle.
Um, opposition to the worst freaking President ever, who has (fill in your own order of outrage, from presidential ineptitude to incompetence to dishonesty to attacks on the constitution to squandering most of America's soft power to making America a pariah state and banana republic to.....) is not a big idea? Reducing President Decider!s power so he can't leave the United States in even worse shape than he already has isn't a big idea?

The country you love is being crippled - morally, economically, spiritually, internationally, militarily - and you oppose the bastard at the helm, you believe nothing can be done to right the country until that bastard and his shrieking harem of pantloads are out of power, and a that's a SMALL idea?

Wait a minute. This administration has two big ideas: bitchslap the world; call me a traitor when I oppose the ruination of MY country caused by their bitchslaphappiness. I'm dismissed for my animus? Excuse me, but expletive-filled tirade.

Jeebus, the Right's strenuous Egads! against our small ideas convinces me they're afraid they're not such small ideas after all.


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