Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Joe Fox

If and when Joe Lieberman loses this primary and/or the general election and is out of a job in January, how soon before he appears as a regular on a Fox panel talk show playing the martryed moderate? What are the odds that Fox hasn't talked to Lieberman's lawyers and agents already? Only slightly longer than the odds Fox isn't thinking about it already.

What if he loses this primary, falls on the sword of his self-congratulatory decency and (sparing himself the possible humiliation of running and losing as an independent), dies imagining himself moderation's fallen hero: he may not be out of a job until January, but he can increase his guest appearances on Fox in the meantime, oinking sanctimonious tsks tsks.

You think Lieberman is insufferable now, wait for Lieberman the avenging Moderate Martyr, brought to you by Fox.


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