Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Democrats Cave, Thwart Republican Plan

Congress passes flag anti-desecration bill. 130 voted against, meaning a significant percentage of Democratic congressmen decided that free speech for all Americans is not as important as free screech for the Pigster Sound Machine.

I know I sound shrill today, and I make no apology.

Cynicism abounds: I have no doubt that the Reptiles are both elated and disappointed by the success of the vote. On the one hand, they must be unhappy that Democrats have denied the Sound Machine days of debate on just why Liberals hate the flag, support flag-burning, and how that support encourages Iraqi insurgents to become suicide bombers. Don't think this was rushed to a vote in the aftermath of the giddy Durbingutting? Don't think that Bill O'Reilly hasn't prepared a "first they call our troops Nazis, now they won't protect the flag" diatribe for tonight's broadcast?

The Reptiles have to be happy also. Look how docilely belly-up go the Democrats. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Democratic House leadership think they're being canny, avoiding this fight right now, and I can concede, without agreeing with, that political decision: with dWarf's numbers plummeting, Repigs were hoping for this fight, revamping the Red-Blue culture war.

But the Democratic leaderships decision to let this bill pass without a whimper is as cynical as the Repugnican decision to bring it to a vote. Which will not sway anyone in the middle. Which will further alienate the base.


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