Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hiding from Their Allies

Today's Washington Post reports that Bushco is - to the surprise of only the braindead - suppressing all documents pertaining to John Roberts until, at the very least, they have been reviewed by Bushco censors.

Both the Post article, written by Jo Becker, and Kevin Drum over at Political Animal, wonder why Bushco would be so concerned about Roberts record since they know he's a conservative and know he'd be attacked from the Left one way or the other. Drum writes, "This doesn't even make sense. The White House knew liberals would be gearing up to oppose anyone they nominated. They knew NARAL would go after any candidate who wasn't obviously willing to uphold Roe v. Wade. They knew Roberts was a conservative — that's why they nominated him in the first place."

I'll tell you why: it's not what the Liberals would find in the papers that worries Bushco, it's what the Far Right would find in the papers that scares Bushco. A bullet was dodged when it was revealed that Roberts did some pro bono work for a pro-gay group; only one Pigright group has bitched and moaned about that. But say something else comes out that doesn't please the Dobsons of the Dumb and the whole irreligious Right calls for a fatwa on Roberts?

Bitching and moaning from the Left was sought after, hoped for, anticipated, expected. But an insurrection from the Right? That's why the papers are being so carefully hidden.


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