Monday, September 05, 2005

Lessons in Priorities

That Karl Rove would make the President get up early, brush his hair, put on a suit, and trot him before the cameras at 8:00 AM on Labor Day Monday to announce that John Roberts has gone from Supreme Court nominee to Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee demonstrates nothing if not that Bushco is desperate to avoid even one more day of Saturation Katrina. This is the second time Bushco has rushed to nominate Roberts as an effort to change the subject, the first to divert attention from the fury over Rove's role in the Valerie Plame affair. It is truly a sign of how much Rove wants to change the subject from Katrina if he uses a tactic that will remind people of his own troubles, though counting on the MSM to make that connection is wishing on a grasp.

The irony, of course, is that John Roberts' political/judicial opinions mirror those conservative positions that Katrina's destruction re-revealed to the American public. The Talibamericans may congratulate themselves on their stroke because of Roberts' anti-abortion history - and rewarding the morally-retarded Right had some small part in Bushco's matrix - but the ideologues of the ruling Right want Roberts for his small government, pro-business philosophies. This is a man who, after all, has come out against equal pay for equal work for women, argued against a worker receiving Workman's Compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome, and has been a friend of Big Business, advocating less government regulation of industry.

In other words, Bushco is trotting out, to change the subject from Katrina to anything else, a walking poster of everything conservatism stands for that has been illuminated by the disaster they're trying to change the subject from. To change the subject from the failures of conservatism - it's indifference at best, contempt at worse, for the poor they would exploit, the environment they would pimp - Bushco has brought before the camera - again - a man who is a completely bought and paid for Borg of regal conservatism. It is on these grounds, with the visceral memories of Katrina still imprinted on the collective soul of American consciences, that Democrats should demagogue this fvcker, and these fvckers, before, during, and after his hearings.


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