Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shoot the Looters

I've heard that Neil Boortz is an especially pig-ignorant Uberpatriot in service of Maximum Leader, but I'd never heard he was a race-baiter, though of course my not paying any attention to him prior to this doesn't discount the very real probability that he is. Because he is. Read this please. It's remarkable - one doesn't know whether to be more scared because he believes it or more scared because it's most likely to become a rightwing talking point.

Blaming the victims for being victimized is a timetested rightwing strategy - women aren't raped, they dressed that way and asked for it - and as the possibly thousands of deaths, many of them African-American, most poor, are going to be blamed for their own deaths. And you know what - Boortz thinks those people who are stealing diapers and food from stores in a time of emergency are equivalent to terrorists: "We should have learned this lesson in Baghdad. Immediately after Saddam was toppled the looting began. The coalition forces did little, and the violence continued to this day. Many think that if the liberating forces had taken out a few looting teams the history of the last few years might have been quite a bit different." There is so much in this column on so many levels that's wrong, it's stunning.

Meanwhile, Maximum Leader viewed the devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi - from Air Force One. ""It's devastating," Bush insightfully said as he watched, according to Scott McClellan. "It's got to be doubly devastating on the ground." What a stool. Bush further elaborated: ""It's totally wiped out," Bush said at this point, according to McClellan. What a goat. Flew over the scene in the world's most luxurious private jet and says that for the people affected by the hurricane it must be "doubly devastating" for them as it is for him.


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