Thursday, November 17, 2005

257th Verse, Same as the First

Slandering opponents' patriotism is as old as the adage about it being the last refuge of scoundrels, so while Bushco doesn't get points for originality they do get credit for exceptional viciousness, singlemindedness, and stamina. It really is all they have.

Pardon me, but they've questioned MY patriotism for so long that their charges against me and other Liberals has all the oompf of Dick Cheney farting in his blankets - no doubt it's gruesome, but. They attacked my patriotism while they were getting their way; really, what impact does it have to attack it now that they've fucked up? My lack of patriotism is the root cause of their universal imcompetence in their management of affairs international, from not capturing OBL and decimating Al-Qaida to the rise of Iran and furthering the advancement of militant Islam? My lack of patriotism caused the international humiliation of Bush in his disasterous adventure at the hemispheric meeting in Argentina? My lack of patriotism encourages Iraqi civilians to view the American military as an occupying force? My lack of patriotism is the reason why American soldiers in Iraq still lack proper armor and that KIA soldiers are snuck through Dover Air Force Base in secret, in the dead of night?

Yes, my lack of patriotism is the catalyst, the reason why Bushco has FUBARed any and everything they've touched. I am so very sorry.

Everytime you hear Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld or (goodness help you if you should accidently stumble with your remote like I did last night and land on the flaming pile of human pigshit) Sean Hannity say "Liberal" or "Democrat" understand that they are talking not to us, and only tangentially talking about us: they're talking to moderates and moderate Republicans.

Americans have been immunized to the Liberal plague - how effective can demonizing us be now? I beg Bushco to keep it up. Please please please. We haven't even starting unpeeling the onion of Bushco criminality. As it gets worse for Bushco, please please please continue demonizing, especially those moderates who are the REAL targets of the demonizing campaign now. Guilt by association? Please please please keep implying it. One-note bastards.


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