Thursday, November 10, 2005

Qs 2

I was in Tower last night purchasing the new CD by my once Goddess (and Goddess again? I feel the spell welling, but, as always, am queasy to judge under the thrall of spells).

As I was browsing, I saw the current edition of Gramophone magazine, and, thumbing though it there, and then later at home since I bought it, I got to wondering. I fully understand that the purpose of music mags, from Gramophone to Rolling Stone, is to push product. And it seems to me that every issue I see of Gramophone - not that I subscribe and see every one - announces new award winners, new best of year, new best choral or best chamber. And hardly anything gets panned, at least in this issue.

What is the general opinion of Gramophone? How reliably independent is it from recording companies? Payola = great review, rewards? Is it particularly good at reviewing particular periods or genres? Is it good at reviewing music that interests the readers of S21? And are there particular reviewers writing in Gramophone that are especially shrewd, whose judgments are considered sound?

Also, Sir Arnold Bax: a friend is urging his symphonies, especially #2, on me - I should be getting a copy of #2 this weekend. Thoughts?


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