Monday, December 12, 2005


Far be it from me to say "get your groove on," but if you wanted to "get your groove on" and you asked me for music that would help you "get your groove on," I'd recommend Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Zuco 103 (and do check on Zuco's website for tastes). Not that I'd use the phrase "get your groove on," mind you, though it'd be a serious groove I'd suggest.

The Wedding Present's most famous album is called *George Best*, and since George died a couple of weeks ago and the World Cup draw was last Friday and since this is a terrific album, well, there you are. The Wedding Present broke up (or went on long hiatus, depending on who you read) and in the interim between then and now David Gedge formed Cinerama, and to be honest, I prefer Cinerama to The Wedding Present, which is to take nothing away from *Take Fountain."

The bottom two Rhino boxsets are offered as great last minute holiday presents for anyone you know who loved music of that era. I have a bit of a problem with *No Thanks:* anyone who considers Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out with Him" a punk song deserves slapping, and the collection is not all that punk in general. It's still got lotsa good stuff on it, just don't expect lotsa punk.

*Left of the Dial,* however, is very well thought out, and the compilators did a great job of picking representative songs of the bands. I've given it to seven people who came of age in that period and been offered plentiful thanks by all. Goodness, remember Beat Happening?


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