Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Gore (Short Version, believe it or not)

First, read how the AP bitchslaps Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez for pushing the Bushco line that Clinton admin broke FISA laws, thus making Al Gore a hypocrite for criticizing Bushco criminalities.

I am not calling for an Al Gore nomination run in 2008, though I am not adamantly against one either. I am saying that the possibility of an Al Gore nomination run in '08 is worth considering as an exercise in exploring certain aspects of the current dynamics in American politics.

Josh - who I must gently chide for evoking the "Love Story" canard in a comment to a few posts ago: to note, Al never claimed he invented the internet either - lists reasons for Gore not to run. I don't strongly disagree with the logic of any of them, though I bet Al could send a shot across Hillary's bow warning her that he has enough ammo to ensure mutual destruction if she wanted to go there, and it may only be my taste, but I bet Gore's Q#s are better than Kerry's.

The common jist of the points against a Gore run seems to be that his record, as VP, as candidate, give the pignuts enough targets of opportunity that Gore would spend his entire campaign on the defensive. I would add that since the 2000 election, the pignuts have added the "Crazy Al" meme to Gore's political biography (and, by extension, anyone else who dares speak out against El Jefe). And since no good yellow pignut would throw away good bullshit, not only would the Right have a head start in sliming Gore by virtue of recycling old bullshit, having the old bullshit would give pignut bullshit prospectors plenty of time to wank new bullshit.

Pignuts ran Swift Boat lies and anti-faggotry as the pillars of their campaign against John Kerry. They are swiftboating John Murtha now. Al Gore and John Kerry may have been terrible presidential campaigners (especially Kerry since, unlike Gore, he actually got fewer voters than El Jefe) but any Democrat who's contemplating a 08 run who isn't absolutely positive that his record will be misrepresented, taken out of context and distorted, that he'll be accused of falsely acquiring his accomplishments, of sympathizing with car bombers, of wishing America to be a military power on the scale of Belgium, of pandering to sodomites and pederasts, should disqualify himself now.

My major concern with Gore, which concerns Josh too, is his ties to that very group of Democratic powerbrokers who need to STFU and GTHA. I am concerned that once Gore declared his candidancy he would be urged by his advisors to immediately can the very eloquent, impassioned, intelligent rhetoric we're hearing now that sparks this conversation, that he would immediately wooden up and become the campaigning stiff of 2000. But I am not concerned about what the pignuts will do to Gore as compared to any other Dem.

Gore/Obama 08? I'm not saying Yes! I'm not saying no.


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