Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I forget the exact wording, but the comment I made on BoB that caught Jerry's attention and led in part to his inviting me to be a regular here had to do with Bushco's speculating about the legality of postponing or suspending the 2004 Presidential elections for reasons of national security in a time of war. My comment was along the lines of, wouldn't it be nice to not have to consider the possibility that Bush and Cheney would create just such a scenario if polls showed an imminent loss in the election. Doesn't it suck that I even have to consider the possibility?

Lee posted yesterday and today about this article in yesterday's NYT about a belligerent speech Bush made before a meeting of VFW members, and he makes many of the points that need to be made. Let me add one more. Consider this Bush quote at the end of the article:
"a country that divides into factions and dwells on old grievances cannot move forward and risks sliding back into tyranny."
Just which tyrants is he talking about? When was the last tyrant? Is he talking about Howard Dean and the totalitarian ambitions of Move-On? Those vegans the FBI spied on? I understand his speechwriters believe in maudlin sentimentality as effective speechifying, and no doubt Bush's speech was thoroughly salted with "freedoms" and "liberty" and other purplenesses, and really, is there anything lamer than Bush referring to Saddam Hussein as "The Tyrant?" But still.

Doesn't it suck that I have to consider that beneath the rhetoric is a threat? Agree with me, Bush might be saying, or I will become the king and tyrant. Dwell on your grievances, and I'll take the right to dwell away. Use your civil rights to oppose me and I'll suspend your civil rights. There's no way forward except mine, and no laws can stop me from moving forward.

And then consider the patheticness and cowardice of his rationale: if I have to become a tyrant, it's not my fault. I didn't want to, I had no choice, I gave you fair warning. This is a man who professes his love for freedom and liberty and lives and rules in fear of both.


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