Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nest of Wipers

Max Lead, speaking after yesterday's Cabinet Meeting, on what he hopes to achieve in tonight's SOTU speech:
"One of the things I will do is call for Congress and the executive branch to have a good, honest dialogue, but to speak candidly with each other, but to do so in a way that brings credit to the process. And I'll do my best to elevate the tone here in Washington, D.C. so we can work together to achieve big things for the American people."
Let's see: nominate the judge the furthest to the right you calculate can get through the Senate to be confirmed to SCOTUS. Order the Senate's GOP leadership to set the confirmation vote for the morning of the SOTU. Once he's confirmed, rush the swearing in to the afternoon before the SOTU. Victory parade Alito as a member of SCOTUS for the SOTU, announce him to Senate, bask in slurpy Pig adoration, in your own heightened self-adoration, your own self-glorification. Smirk at the humiliation of the opposition while calling for them to "elevate the tone here in Washington DC," keeping as straight a face as possible.

Look, he obviously can do whatever he wants, and he won this battle. But this is emblematic of an entire philosophy of governance: No opportunity to tell the opposition to Fuck Off is to be wasted. Then, just watch the pumpkinheads in the media fall over themselves talking about Bush's conciliatory tone - the elevated tone - in their post-SOTU analyses. Ask yourself - with doxies in the media like this, why would a bully like Max Lead ever rule any other way?


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