Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Our Year of Phallicism

Abramoff's much-anticipated and now signed engagement to sing and sing loudly is the clarion call to the oligarchy's powerbrokers that this is, indeed, an election year. Abramoff's revelations, while damaging, can be relatively neutered by the Repig majority in both houses, which also reminds them that they'd better keep both houses come November. Imagine the hearings into misbehaviors congressional and misbehaviors executive if the Dems were to gain one house. Imagine if they were to win both. Only major Repigs know how extensively they've gamed the system in anticipation of Karl Rove's plan for thirty years of GOP dominance, and only they know how far their greed has outraced the cemented implementation of those three decades. Only they know how much they have to lose if they lose control of Congress. They have to win this election.

This blog entry by Echidne concerning two recent columns in the NYT by circlejerks Brooks and Tierney is generating lots of blog response today. Both columns, in their essense, bemoan the current state of the college educated, management class male and their disempowerment at the scissor-wielding hands of independent women. Leave it to Repigs to immediately blame the castrating vagina for their own insecurity, and perhaps we'll never know at what point Repigs' genuine fear of their own inadequacies and their shameless use of misogynism as a campaign strategy meet, but it's certainly a strategy, one of many like ilk we're going to see in 2006.

Democrats are going to be portrayed as effeminate, sissygirly on nat'l security, daffygirly in their nuances, cattygirly in their snarky traitorisms toward Maximum Penis. And that's before the reintroduction of state-sponsored homophobia as the GOP rushes to place anti-fag initiatives on ballots to energize their base of manly Christian wifebeaters and their goodly-beaten womenfolk. Because real men fuck obedient women and vote Republican. Real women submit to manly men who vote Republican and vote Republican because their men tell them to. That's American. And it's American to worship Maximum Penis. All Hail Maximum Penis! All blame to fags and bitches.

That's going to be the GOP gameplan. Watch. Listen. It worked before. What else do they have?


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