Monday, February 13, 2006

Just Because It's Easy Doesn't Mean It's Not Apt

Dick Cheney doesn't hunt, not in the traditional sense. He pays money to companies that cater to his bloodlust by raising birds and animals for easy slaughter. No doubt, he puts on his camoflage duds (his with a VP crest on the breast?), and sincerely imagines that he's hunting, but no, he's not. And then, in this controlled shooting gallery, where guile, skill, ingenuity, agility are not required for funfilled massacre, Cheney still manages to screw up.

Yes, it is an easy metaphor to make: the man who proclaimed that Americans would be welcomed as heroes in Iraq, who announced that the Iraqi insurgency was in it's last throes, and has been the primary driving force behind the war in Iraq, is the same man who pays money to have birds raised for slaughter flushed on command for him to shoot at point blank range and instead of killing the birds he also shoots another hunter. The incompetence, the shotgun bravado of the coward, the employment of caged quails or enlisted footsoldiers to provide fodder for his Great Man ambitions, his first instinct to squelch news of his mistakes, his second to blame others for his mistakes: it's easy, but too apt to ignore, the parallels, to make this shooting a perfect metaphor for the worldview, the character, the pattern behavior, and the pathetic and dangerous flaws of Dick Cheney.


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