Monday, February 27, 2006


More love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this time in London's Guardian, which asks, could the new album be a "pop classic?"

American Public Radio broadcasts a weekly program called Speaking of Faith, an hour program, hindered by a ponderous format, oleaginous music, and a too earnest host, but informed by (sometimes) wonderful topics and guests who offer smart, spiritual, progressive things to say about theology. Last night's (it's broadcast Sunday evenings here in DC) guest, Prahbu Guptara, talked about the morality of business in cooperation with and antagonism to the theologies of major religions. One comment he made, that reminder that there are warehouses of food ("mountains of cheese," he said) sitting in reserve to keep commodity prices stable while 3500 children a day die of starvation or impotable water, stuns. And yet he is not anti-business. Good listen. Check out the slideshow at last night's link. One of the previous shows investigates the protests over the Mohammed cartoons and has some good history (but not enough about the residual effects of colonialism).

An article in yesterday's Washington Post magazine on the radio business in general (and how it both sucks and must create the suckage destroying it to survive) and on the product a station is trying to replace Howard Stern in particular. Metaphors abound.

Cute Overload. Beware.


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