Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DCU 2, NY Red Bulls 2

United was without Gomez (red card suspension), so Nowak started Olsen in the 10, a questionable move not only because Olsen can't play the 10, it took Olsen out of his best role as holding midfielder. Nowak changed at halftime, inserting Eskandarian on front line, moving Adu to middle, dropping Ben back to holding, pushing Gros up off backline to wing, and it worked.

Djorkieff's 35 yard free kick for NY was beautiful. The second NY goal, caused by a ghastly mistake by (pick one) Perkins, Prideaux, both, evoked memories of last year's horrid defense. But Alecko's goal, special for more reasons than the goal itself, sparked a bright second half: DCU must have had possession for at least 2/3s of the half.

A point sucks for the team that had a 2 goal lead, seems satisfactory for the team 2 goals behind, but tells you nothing. They'd better take all three points this weekend vs Chivas, cause Houston (nee San Jose) is the week after, and that will be tough.


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