Sunday, March 26, 2006

Smart's Nothing w/o Strength

The most common and deepest and bitterest thread of bitching by Conservatives against Liberals is that Liberals consider themselves smarter, more educated, more rational, and more reasonable than Conservatives. This is particularly irksome to Conservatives because it is not only the one belief shared by both sides, it also happens to be, they know in their subconscious if not in their waking thoughts, true. How else could they claim victimhood for Ben Domenech, blaming his resignation over plagiarism not on the crime itself but on the elitist and vicious Left for catching him?

A home-schooled college drop-out with such an inferiority complex underlying his dreams of Conservative superstar punditry develops a chronic habit of plagiarism (Alex Ross catches Domenech ripping off an Amazon review of a classical music CD in an effort to impress Ben's readers with further depths of his sophistication); a once-proud, once-independent Washington Post, cowed by the rightwing noise machine, hires, vetted or not, said plagiarist; and through the everyday tool of google every printed word said plagiarist (and racist and sexist and just plain loathsomely conservative) wrote is instantly accessible. Of course he would be caught. But only in conservative inferiority complexes could such a google search be construed as morally repugnant and ethically unfair. Not only does the Left think it's smarter, it fights unfairly by daring to fight back. No wonder the Right is lionizing a childish plagiarizer. Never forget, the Right's leader is going to run a mid-term campaign based on charging people who correctly call that leader's actions illegal as traitorous, terrorist-appeasing, cowardly pussies.

This is the lesson to take from this episode: the Right, permanently, constitutionally furious that the Left is smarter, rules by the assumption that if the Left is given the intellectual advantage than the Right is ceded the advantages of political physicality. A punkassbitch is caught commiting punkassbitchery and becomes a conservative martyr. We are smarter: if we just fight back, watch conservative heads explode.


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