Monday, April 24, 2006

Who Loves This Country?

Now that Osama has, as regularly as clockwork whenever The Decider!s poll numbers tank dramatically, made himself public to rally American support for his best ally, it's time to stop and ask, If Liberals really hated America, why in Ba'al's name would we be calling for Dick Cheney's and Donald Rumsfeld's resignations?

Nothing would give the Democrat's a greater advantage heading into November than if Cheney and Rumsfeld remained in office. Nothing. By keeping Cheney and Rumsfeld in office, The Decider! gifts the Democrats each and every day. That The Decider! thinks the country is safer with these squash-for-brains is all the indictment against this administration that's necessary - it thinks the country, and its political ambitions, are best served by the continuing reign of Cheney and Rumsfeld. What could be a more damning example of The Decider!s moronocracy?

Firing Cheney, firing Rumsfeld, is in the national interest. It's against the Democrat's political interest. We're calling for them to be fired. We love our country over our electoral ambitions? Go figure.


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