Friday, May 26, 2006


I've been thinking a lot about and listening to a lot of the Go-Betweens since the death of Grant McLennan earlier this month. How do I put this? There is music for the way up, music for the brief moments at the top, and music for the way down. Perhaps I was unusual, but I always enjoyed the way down the most. I never understood why the gerund crashing; gliding maybe, coasting maybe, but not crashing. And my favorite gliding band of all time was the Go-Betweens.

Here's a video of Cattle and Cane, my favorite Go-Between song. As music video, it has that 1980's flatness that screams LAME! Please, start the music and shrink the screen. It's a great song, especially just after the peak, at the start of the long, lovely descent.

Asobi Seksu


NEW! Mission of Burma

Art Brut

(what's that, a new Fripp song just beneath? Yip!)

Camera Obscura

Click on media, click on videos - downloadable in Real Player
(and, again, shrink screen, listen, don't watch)

Donald Fagan? Donald Fagan.




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The Cuervo Gold, the fine Columbian... Hah!

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