Thursday, May 25, 2006

Holy Striking Yellow Pantsuit, Batman!

Clubby insider David Broder gets chubby at just the thought of Hillary running for President:
the buzz in the room was not about her speech -- or her striking appearance in a lemon-yellow pantsuit -- but about the lengthy analysis of the state of her marriage to Bill Clinton that was on the front page of that morning's New York Times.
Nothing screams Hotchimamma! like a lemon-yellow pantsuit. That Hillary is SMOKING! But wait, there's more:
The article, by Patrick Healy, was anything but unsympathetic. It touched only lightly on the former president's friendship with Canadian politician Belinda Stronach.
First: 2006's Mary Anne vs Ginger: Bill's Choice -


Bill, that old horndog.

Well, that debate is sure to dominate political discourse for the next three years. Broder admits as much, panting:

But for all the delicacy of the treatment, the very fact that the Times had sent a reporter out to interview 50 people about the state of the Clintons' marriage and placed the story on the top of Page One was a clear signal -- if any was needed -- that the drama of the Clintons' personal life would be a hot topic if she runs for president.

The Dean of Washington Punditry, after showering, huskily gives his wisdom on what important issues will decide America's fate. That he does so without irony is the surest proof that's he's right.


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Damned liberal media.

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