Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We Get Mail

"Fuck you, you anti-Christian faggot," wrote Billy Wayne Adkins in an email. "If you really think that good Americans are more dangerous then (sic) the terrorists than (sic) you deserve to be bombed by the terrorists and shot by loyal godfearring (sic) Americans." In that order? He concludes, "If I'm ever in your area I'm going to find you and beat the shit out of your faggy ass." Promises, promises.

It depends on the definition of "good Americans", of course, and if Billy and I disagree on whether Timothy McVeigh was a "good American" or not I honestly see no reconciliation of views. I suspect we also disagree on the American goodness of these folks and these folks, two organizations that I would call anti-Christian, but that's just me.

But it is a good question: Do I think that people whose symbol of pride is

are more dangerous to the longterm health of the United States than foreign terrorists? And how about the people who are actively scheming and working towards making the US a fundamentalist "Christian" theocracy? Do I think they're more dangerous?

Billy, to answer your question: No one from Al-Qaeda has sent me email hoping that I'd be bombed, suggesting that I be shot, and threatening to drive from Hooterville to beat me up.

And while there are odds I will die in a terrorist attack - I live in suburban Maryland, Billy, just outside DC, and I work in DC, so my odds are better than most - the odds
are far more likely that I would die in a terrorist attack by armed wingnuts in the future than by a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda.

More frighteningly though are thoughts of how my life, my daughter's life, and my daughter's children's lives would be affected far more deplorably, far more longterm, far more authoritarianly, by what would happen if Wifebeaters for Christers ever gained any appreciable power. I am not anti-Christian, I am anti-Christer. They shits scare the bejesus out of me a gazillion times more than any terrorist in Pakistan.


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