Monday, May 15, 2006

The Post-Cheney Universe

Really now, can you see him still standing, breathing, on the steps of The Capitol for the 2009 inauguration of whover wins the 2008 elections?

It cannot be an accident that the pictures of the dozing Cheney are out there or an accident that (as Jerry got their more first) Hayden is being projected as the savior of our civil liberties against Cheney or an accident that a pdf of Cheney's handwritten notes on Joseph Wilson's op-ed in the NYT is circulating or an accident that a reporter just happens to ask The Decider! about his brother running for president.

We're watching the lightening-rodding of Cheney. He's going to die, sooner probably than later (this is not a wish, just an observation: he looks terminally ill and has the medical history to justify that look). And since the entire world believes Cheney is the blackpower behind the war and the torture and the spying and the high oil prices and the full frontal attack on the Constitution, why not leak toxic info - true or not - implicating him for all malfeasances past and near-future?

Or, to look at it another way - he's implicated up to his pacemaker anyway in outrages we know and those we're about to discover: this is a way to try to innoculate The Decider! against Cheney's demise.

(And among true neo-con believers, Cheney's acceptance of history's hairshirt will guarantee his everlasting martyrdom.)

But more: there are major kabooms coming, and this administration is in desperate need of a zeitgeist-transforming paradigm shift. Cheney's dying, physically and politically. The theatrical sacking of Cheney is The Decider!s last poor chance to salvage his crappy reign.


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