Friday, May 12, 2006

What's the RogueKing of a Rogue State to Do?

The sheep haven't been properly frightened by big bad Iran? Hankering for the good old days of Liberal-baiting during The Cold War? Maybe it's time to gin up a conflict with Russia.
The United States is concerned about Russia's use of its energy resources as a political weapon and China's lack of transparency over military spending, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as saying.
Vice President Dick Cheney provoked an angry reaction from Russia earlier this month when he told Baltic and Black Sea leaders that Russian President Vladimir Putin was backsliding on democracy and using energy reserves to ``blackmail'' Moscow's neighbors.
The only political tool they used when they were at 91% approval right after 911 is the only tool they have now that they're at 29%. And they gots to change the subject toot sweet, yes?

And frankly, it's in Putin's interest to jack up antipathies too. Mediocre, cowardly, threatened megalomaniacs with greedy visions of omnipotence think alike.


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