Friday, May 05, 2006

Hiding Behind Whores

I'm just guessing here, but there's something too tidy about the early betting line that Porter Goss has resigned because of his involvement, directly or tangentially, in Whoregate.

What if important senior lifetime officers of the CIA, ones who work for the good of the country, not the good of The Decider!, who are outraged over the decline of an institution that (whatever I think of it) they consider a great and independent protector of America, who've witnessed the alienation of career officers, the corruption of mission, the distortion of intelligence to fit political ends, the abyss of morale, and smelled the stank coming off Goss via Whoregate and chose now to threaten their mutiny? Quit him now, they may have said, or the stank of Whoregate will be perfume beside the stank of what they have over Goss' gross mismanagement of the CIA.

Delicious though the irony would be that a career Conservative uber-whore is brought down by whoring, the greater irony would be that he would hide the ultimate causes of his demise behind his whoring. The White House will try to play this as business as usual - just a resignation, nothing here, move on - and count on their whores in the media to perpetuate that storyline, but if that story doesn't play they'll happily sell Goss out as a slobbering old horndog. Conservative morals, that.


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