Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Careful What You Wish For

A certain me wrote, this past Sunday:
I wonder if they've rung Bruce Arena yet. While it'd bitch my craw to see him on the Metros sideline, if MLS hasn't at least put out a feeler to Arena's agent they're more grossly incompetent than the current state of what should be one of the flagship franchises of MLS suggests they already are.
Such influence!
Bruce Arena, widely considered as the most successful and decorated U.S. men's national team coach ever, was named as Red Bull New York's new sporting director and head coach on Tuesday morning. Arena will oversee all of the club's soccer operations, including the first team, reserve and academy teams and youth development.
This is a very good thing for MLS. As for DCU, with Arena taking control 8/12, that makes his first game as head coach of Metros on August 16 against, um, DCU. They'll be visiting RFK September 23.

And maybe, now, as the fourth place team in the East for a first round playoff game in October.


Blogger Landru said...

Nice job, Cassandra.

And they say his first game as Head Scum will be against Real Madrid. Which takes away very little of the charm of your point, that his first MLS game as Head Scum will be against the team he should hold forever in his greasy little treasonous heart.

Y'think he'll get booed at RFK? I mean by sections 132 and 133.

10:21 PM  

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