Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I guess the appeals to their base's crude racism and their base's crude xenophobia and the crude accusations against Liberals of anti-Semitism aren't enough. The Pigs are playing the crudest they got: Cruder than the term itself is the accusation, the hole card in the hand of Pignican memes:

MORGAN: I'm assuming that she is going to make the run, unless she sees polling or evidence otherwise right up at the year from now.

CARLSON: Rich, the truth is there are so few men left in the Democratic Party. There are so many wussies at the helm of that party.

MASTERS: Gee, thanks.

CARLSON: Nobody has the huevos to stand up to Mrs. Clinton and say, you, you can't win, step back, you're not running for president. Nobody is in charge. So she just bulldozes everybody. That's the truth of it. And you know it.

Yep, if Democrats can't keep their bitches in place, how're they're gonna fight the terrorists?

Irony aside, there is much truth revealed in how Carlson - and Conservatives - accuses others of being victim of the very scissors he fears himself.


Blogger Landru said...

Aw, shit. I'm gonna have to fire up my "Punch Tucker Carlson In The Gob" campaign again. That was such a soul-suck.

The very notion of Tucker Carlson calling anyone a wussy is cripplingly snortacious. The concept of Tucker Carlson commenting on anyone else's huevos is droolifyingly maddening.

And lets just leave aside concepts like:

-She's not a fucking candidate (whether or not you add "yet" to that);
-We're 18 fucking months ahead of the first presidential primaries; and
-When voters decide who the Democratic presidential nominee will be, Tucker Carlson won't be one of them.

What a smug, prissy little dwork. I can't think of a better candidate for a victim of the kind of machismo he's spewing here.

Asshole. Who'd fucking think that anyone could piss me off more than Our Lady of the Concentration Camps?

5:55 PM  

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