Saturday, August 19, 2006

Soccer Saturday

I've asserted that DCU's recent dip in form most probably can be attributed to tired legs. In today's pre-Colorado article in the Washington Post United players attribute it to artificial turf in Real Salt Lake and at Giants Stadium. Alright, I'll buy, just a little. In a one touch offense, if a player has to take an extra half-second to concentrate on his touch on a surface he's not used to, that'd make his pass a half-second late. Combine that with teams concertedly determined to press DCU on every ball, to not give DCU time to lift their heads while on the ball, and you get telegraphed passes. As for tired legs - which I still assert - well, Peter Nowak says, "You know me -- I don't tolerate fatigue," he said. "We just need to be better offensively." So there.

Namoff is out on yellows, and Wilson is still out with an injury (yes?), so Goff speculates that Gros will be dropped back on defense, giving Simms a start. If Adu's foot is still bothering him - that was the reason given for his halftime substitution v Metros this past Wednesday - that narrows Nowak's substitution options.

Still, I expect good things. The game is more important for the psyche of United than it is for the three points. A win reestablishes, a tie disappoints, a loss confirms worries. I'm thinking win.

(Let me take just this small parenthetical to say, 4pm in August: fooey. Which means Planet and the Blackdogress are wussying out, so I've a couple of extra tickets. You'd have to get yourself there and home - I've got to bug-out at the final whistle for the salt mine - but if you're interested call or email by 1:00. Before the game I'm going to throw plastic at metal at Calvert, so you can join me for that if you'd like.)

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Ives Galarcep - who's my favorite soccer columnist - this week addresses ways to make MLS appeal to American soccer fans that follow European leagues but disdain MLS. Table play, abolishing playoffs, promotion and relegation, Copa Libertadores? All sound good to me. Galarcep explains why they're all (except for Libertadores) not going to happen.


Anonymous quiet side said...

We have shade over on our side. Come sit in it. I dare you.

I agree: a loss would cause trouble.

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