Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Insight on the Right
(Or, We Are the Enemy, a Neverending Story)

Digby, in a post about the increasingly bloodthirsty calls for a more rigorous genocidal policy versus anyone against us, quotes at length a Limbaugh screed exhorting the practice of Muslim extermination. Read the whole post, including Limbaugh's tirade.

Digby does what Digby does excellently, so I'll leave it to Digby to expand on the genocidal can of whoop-ass the Right is flagellating itself into a whipped-red state to achieve. What I want to remark on are these lines from Limbaugh's lunacy:

Oh, they're wonderful humanitarians, the Hezbos, why, the social services they provide the general population, why, they're doing such wonderful things, they care about people, they passed out health care and whatever the hell it is. Well, what they're doing is making the general population of these countries dependent on them, and as such, that is how they secure -- it's either through blackmail or genuine support, but it's how they get the support of the general population centers.

Substitute the word "Liberal" for the word "Hezbos" (note to Rush - tee hee!), and this is precisely what Conservatives accuse Liberals of doing in this country.

Without intending to defend Hezbollah: How dare these pernicious bastards provide food, shelter, healthcare, and security to a population that needs food, shelter, healthcare, and security! Does the deviousness of these terrorist masterminds know no limit? Next - NEXT! - they'll be providing basic services like roads and schools and GOD FORBID! a general safety net for the less fortunate in society!

No wonder the Far Right wants to kill them all.


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