Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This Year's Argentine?

Both the Washington Post and Goal.com are reporting that United will sign Matias Donnet. According to goal.com, Donnet is a

pint-sized, right-footed attacking midfielder, who could be a perfect fit for United, a club without a true right winger. Left-footed Freddy Adu has been performing admirably in that role for the four-time MLS champions. But with the club seeing striker Lucio Filomeno transfer to Nueva Chicago and forward Santino Quaranta traded to Los Angeles, Donnet's presence would allow manager Peter Nowak to utilize Adu as a striker, in the event of injury to Jaime Moreno and Alecko Eskandarian; not to mention Donnet would add his own attacking prowess to the equation.

Of note in Goff's Post article:

United has been pursuing a player since June, when it released Argentine forward Lucio Filomeno . The club actually has two open roster spots, but the deadline to add a domestic player is not until next month.

I didn't know that MLS transfer windows for int'l and domestic players had different deadlines.

In any case, if Donnet is the right-wing player advertised, it seems to me that the two players most possibly affected by the signing would be Eskandarian and Walker, or, to put it into Nowak's sub-strategy of late, the one player Alecko Walker. It certainly would give Nowak various new options, including sneaking a few more minutes off for Moreno on nights when he's laboring. And someone with speed and a motor running the right flank like Josh Gros runs on the left? Sweet.

United is two for three on recent Argentine signings. If Donnet is more Gomezesque than Filomenoish, three for four will be just fine. Erpendable will do.


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