Friday, June 24, 2005

Beneath Lies, Threats

Rove’s attack and it’s support by the RNC and White House is meant to intimidate not us - our getting pissed off no doubt makes them giggle - but those Republicans and conservatives that are beginning to wonder just what depths of hell Bushco has delivered us into in Iraq.

If independently minded Republicans are permitted to question Bushco motives and methods in Iraq, how long before they start questioning Bushco policies and procedures on the economy, the environment, the budget, the judiciary? This is the most spectacularly incompetent and corrupt administration of modern memory - what if his side starts wondering if this is true?

When Bushco feels threatened they heat up the red/blue fight, and what better way to fire up the hatred then to call the other side cowards and traitors? But more than that, it is a direct warning to those Republican politicians who would dare break from the party line. Much of the fury aimed at Dick Durbin, though probably genuinely felt by many, was manufactured for political gain. Imagine, though, the righteous fury being promised to be delivered to any GOPer who dares deviate from Rovian dictates.


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