Thursday, August 11, 2005

Keeping You Informed

Carpetbagger wonders, Why do you need to register for a Freedom March? The Freedom Watch is, of course, the justly mocked Pentagon project to celebrate the 9/11 attacks that have served Bushco so well.

So, I registered. Here's the registration form; here's my receipt. At first glance the registration seems nothing more than a way to guarantee you get a t-shirt, and the rules on the receipt say nothing about banning signs or banners that protest the War or Bushco policy. I'm figuring I've been added to some mailing list, and if and when email comes (or phone calls) I'll forward them along. I did register my correct name, email address, and phone number.

But here's the good news: Washington Post reports anti-war concert by newly-formed Operation Ceasefire to be held on Mall Sept 24. Ten hours, free, no registration.

And here's why our side is better:

Freedom March = Clint Black

Operation Ceasefire = Thievery Corporation


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