Friday, August 12, 2005

Don't Let the Enemy See

NYT reports that Bushco suppressing release of more photos of Abu Ghraib (photos reputedly much worse than have been released before), claiming the photos would spark riots in the Muslim world.

Here's a reminder of what's less bad than what's supposedly behind censored:

Excuse me? They're worried about the opinion of Muslims? The opinion of America in the Muslim world can get measurably worse than it is now?

There is a sizable minority of Americans who will continue to support Bushco despite Bushco's dishonesty and imcompetence. There is a sizable minority of Americans who never trusted Bushco and never supported this war. There is a smaller minority who had doubts about the war but supported it nonetheless because we are indoctrinated to believe that a United States President would never mislead a country into a war; we are indoctrinated to believe that in a time of war, as we were after 9/11, we are to accept the decisive decisions of the Commander-in-Chief without questions.

And those people are now asking questions. There's a mother camped out in Texas asking, What honorable cause was served by my son's death, and her question is resonating not just for those who always thought Bush's war was conceived in dishonesty and executed with incompetence, but with those who are beginning to feel personally duped and responsible and angry.

Muslims? Bushco is afraid of what happens if Americans see these photos.


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