Monday, September 26, 2005

Blame the Bitch

Poll numbers down? War of personal glorification in Iraq going for shit? Gross incompetence for any job harder than figurehead now revealed for all to see? No longer a Big Patriotic Boner with a Bullhorn? Whatsamatta baby?

Saturday, the Washington Post had an article on Bush's detumescensing and causes. White House officials, speaking off record, natch, say it's that bitch Laura Bush's fault. Here she is, humiliating her husband:

Well, no wonder he was playing guitar and eating cake with John McCain (he's the one to the left of dWarf - and new insight into dWarf's nickname, yes?) while New Orleans flooded.

Let me get this straight. Rove is floating a balloon that blames Laura Bush for emasculating her husband as a strategy to reinflate her husband's standard of manly, confident rule? George W Bush agrees to present himself eunuched in an effort to be redicked? Jeebus.


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