Friday, September 09, 2005

Glorious Parade for Maximum Leader to Proceed!

Albeit, with rules fit for a totalitarian state.

Beyond the utter tastelessness of the event PRIOR to Katrina and beyond its utter inappropriateness in lieu of Katrina, consider the utter ruthlessness of an administration that would celebrate its signature failure in the glare of only its most recent. As many (relatively) apolitical Americans reevaluate Glorious Leader and his performance (or lack thereof) in Katrina, tax dollars are being spent on an event which strives to elevate the ftard to an even higher level of deity.

You cannot maintain a cult of personality by humility, modesty, introspection, remorse. It's never his fault. It can't be. The bitterest irony of today's American Right: it rules by appealing to just those characteristics in Americans that it considers signs of personal weakness in themselves. All Hail Maximum Leader!


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