Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh Well

Steve Goff's Washpost obituary on the 2005 season is here.

The devastating 0-4 loss to Chicago at home has one valuable asset: it allows for a more thorough, hopefully more dispassionate evaluation of DCU than if they had lost 2-3 on a disputed PK.

Last year, in MLS Cup finals DCU started an in form Alecko Eskandarian (as opposed to Jamil Walker, who started v Chicago), Earnie Stewart (as opposed to Santino Quaranta) and Ryan Nelsen (as opposed to Facundo Erpen). Really, any and all speculations on the failure of DCU's season need start and end there.

What do they do in the offseason? Can they afford, against the salary cap, to keep both Ben Olsen and Dema Kovalenko? Can they replace one or the other of the flank defenders, especially the struggles-to-be-mediocre Brandon Prideaux? How do they resolve the Adu crisis - in the position best suited for Adu they have the team's best player, Christian Gomez. Is Moreno cooked? Who knows? I will be in my seat on April 1 for season opener, chanting for answers.


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