Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Watch the Republican reaction to Harry Reid's brilliant (and entirely within the rules of the Senate and not, despite what lies you've heard otherwise, not unprecedented) move today, especially Frist's. It is illustrative of modern conservatism. Ooh, they're mad. Ooh, I'm scared. He's gonna smack you.

See, the Democrats aren't in power, so they should rollover, bite the pillow, and take it in the ass any goddamn time we feel like a good cornholing. Like women used to before the female orgasm was invented. Like blacks used to before Liberals started telling them they was equal. Like in the good old days when they knew their place and kept their goddamn mouths shut.

Goddamn it, women get screwed when WE say they get screwed, not when they want to. Negroes take what jobs we give them, live where we tell them, take what pay we give them, and keep their uppity mouths shut. And those bitch Democrats, they should STFU and go sit in their corner and eat our shit. Hell, women and negroes are better than Democrats.

Think it's an accident they don their wifebeater t-shirts and dance with glee over the nomination of a judge with a record of anti-feminist and anti-desegregation credentials? This is all about dumb white men wanting their wifebeating and lynching rights back. It's about the power of the backhanded slap across the face, delivered without fear of retribution.


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