Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crystal Cynicism

Bush assails Democrats for playing politics with the Patriot Act.

Excuse me, but doesn't the assertion put forth by Bushco and its henchmen, sycophants, propagandists, and apologists that the President is not bound by any law or constitution in a time of war and can do whatever the hell he wants render the Patriot Act utterly superfluous, utterly irrelevant?

If Bushco believes that all laws can be superceded in the pursuit of national security, then the pursuit of an extension of the Patriot Act by Bushco is an exercise in gross political cynicism. Not only are laws mere inconveniences, once acknowledged as being non-applicable to the executive branch the law becomes nothing more than another partisan cudgel with which to beat the Democrats. Why yammer and hammer at every photo-op in support of a law you feel no obligation to observe?

There is no weight of law, only weight of propaganda.


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