Thursday, January 05, 2006

Me, Cassandra - or: We are the Enemy, cont....

Within four months pignutters are going to be claiming that Liberals are ultimately responsible for Bushco's wise domestic spying on journalists, opposition politicians, domestic agencies and private organizations, and individual citizens in the years before the 2004 election.

Once more revelations of the extent of NSA/CIA/FBI/etc domestic surveillance are out, the justification will be that since only Republicans of steely resolve can keep America safe from its enemies, the reelection of Bush was by definition in the national interest. Combined with the argument that the President can supercede the Constitution in the name of national security, George Bush was not only well within his rights as Commander-in-Chief, he was morally obligated to spy on Americans, suspend their civil rights, in order to keep America safe.

And then we'll be condemned for our ingratitude and be branded as even more traiterous than pignutters in their pignuttiest could imagine in their pignut brain.

Special BONUS Cassandra: remember that 22nd Amendment of Constitution? Well, if the President can suspend his obligations to the Constitution in the name of nat'l security, what's to keep a ginned up war crisis in, say, January 2008, from giving Bush an excuse to run for a third term?


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