Thursday, February 02, 2006

Twee vs Fey vs Wee (or, A Couple of Things)

About a month ago I wrote about the distinction between twee and fey, or the lack of distinction. (And if you do link back, do listen, if you haven't yet, to the Laura Veirs' cuts). I expressed a preference for twee vs fey, citing Mazzy Star, a band I like, as twee, and Belle and Sebastian, a band I don't, as fey.

Today's NYT has a long review of the new Belle and Sebastion album in which the reviewer, Kelefa Sanneh (who I find smart, most times), referring to Belle and Sebastion as a "quiet, wee band." The review, which includes a lot of background history of the band, is written by a fan, is written as much about Belle and Sebastion's fans as much as it is about Belle and Sebastian, which in part may explain why Belle and Sebastion are such a black licorice band for me. I've never gotten it, and friends of mine who are fans consider my not getting it an existential mark against me.

But "wee?" Can one of the biggest indie bands be "wee?"

And this morning, on NPR's Morning Edition, an interesting audio article on the internet and music business. CD Baby, something new to me, that provides indie record makers with an outlet other than big box stores to market their music, has formed an alliance with Best Buy, one of the monster big boxes. Here's CD Baby's classical page: has anyone used this service, either to buy or sell?


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