Monday, March 20, 2006

Coming Soon

At some point this administration's defenders will need to seek out a different scapegoat for the bloody havoc and unmitigated failure of the war they unleashed in Iraq than the tired old corpses of the press and Cindy and Liberals and terrorists. Needing to blame someone, sooner or later they will inevitably begin to blame the Iraqi people themselves. As a gesture of kindness, let me present to the Iraqi people the proper etiquette for responding to upcoming charges that it's their fault their citizens are dying in ghastly numbers:

May I suggest:
Dear President Bush, we are so sorry if your destruction of our country, your torturing of our citizens, and the civil war your combination of hubris, avarice, and incompetence has delivered unto our country has caused you any inconvenience. But more, we sincerely apologize if it seems to you that we do not appreciate all that you have done for our country. Believe us, we do.
Don't worry about the sarcasm. He won't get it. And they're gonna blame you anywhichway.


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