Monday, March 13, 2006

Sleepless? Call the Waambulance!

It's not incompetence or arrogance or cronyism or delusions of grandeur or corruption or obstinate stupidity or stubborn myopia that hinders the Bush Adminstration, it's lack of sleep:
Of all the reasons that President Bush is in trouble these days, not to be overlooked are inadequate REM cycles. Like chief of staff Card, many of the president's top aides have been by his side nonstop for more than five years, not including the first campaign, recount and transition. This is a White House, according to insiders, that is physically and emotionally exhausted, battered by scandal and drained by political setbacks.
Perhaps the weary should be replaced. Perhaps new eyes on old problems, new ideas for unsuccessful solutions, new oversight for old responsibilities, would bring vigor and freshness and new accountability to this White House.

New ideas? New oversight? New accountability? Beyond not wanting any new ideas, new oversight, new accountability (which would signal there's something wrong with the old ideas, old oversight, old accountability), the very last thing this White House would welcome is a new set of eyes. It really is the incompetence and arrogance and cronyism and delusions of grandeur and corruption and obstinate stupidity and stubborn myopia that hinders the Bush Adminstration, and anyone whose loyalty has not been proven - anyone whose loyalty cannot be guaranteed by their own legal, moral, and ethical culpability in all affairs Bush - won't work in this White House.

You wonder how they sleep? The answer is, they don't.


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