Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just One Point

While I understand if not agree with most of the arguments why Feingold's amendment was a political mistake, there's one I've just got to scream WTF?

Oh no! the GOP is going to use this to rally their base! Oh my god, save us all!

Oh no! Before this, it had never occurred to anyone - ANYONE - in the GOP that a Democratic House and/or Democratic Senate might start impeachment hearings against a Republican president (who just happens to be one of the least liked presidents ever). Never! Nope.

The GOP is going to use the threat of impeachment to raise money from the 33% of Americans still too stupid to have figured out the ramifications of having a criminally corrupt, idiotically incompetent, and morally obtuse president in the White House? What, homophobia and xenophobia and racism and sexism and jingoism and maudlin demagogic patriotism isn't enough to rally the base? Yep, the threat of impeachment, that will squeeze the few more pennies out of rural America that tilts the balance come November.

Look. This line of argument against Feingold is either specious or fatuous. Any Democrat in a position of power within the party who makes strategic moves calculated on how the GOP base is going to react needs to be fired from that position. It smacks of reaction, not proaction; it smacks of calculated cowardice and stupifying political naivete. Be angry at Feingold if you want because you believe the Dems need to cohere to a fixed message or maintain a chain of command or whatever. I'll disagree. But don't try to scare me with the GOP base.

Update: off the thesis of my post, but here's a chart of a poll on censure

Don't let the GOP mouthpieces and the MSM or Democratic Senators
tell you you're a loon for advocating censure.

Poll source.


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