Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Things I Need to Know More About

I was running errands last night, daydreaming in traffic. The radio or a CD is always on; I can daydream better to a radio I'm not paying attention to than I can daydream to the absense of that noise. All of a sudden I hear a song I not only know but love, and a song that had no seeming reason to be on that radio station at that particular time. And then I hear another song by another band I like.

All Things Considered is running a four part series on what it calls Latin-Alternative: what is it, who's making it, how's it marketed, what's its future. The song I love, Me Gustas Tu, is by Manu Chao. Here is Bongo Bong off All Songs Considered. I've mentioned Chao before, that time in his role as the producer of last year's wonderful Abadou and Mariam release Dimance a Bamako. Here is their M'Bife/M'Bife balafon, also from ASC. The other band whose song I heard is Ozomatli, a favorite of my favorite DJ in Seattle. Here's their Street Sign.

Here are Tuesday's and Wednesday's segments. I'll add Thursday's and Friday's when they're made available.


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